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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 26, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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watched it go viral. morsetown is where i grew up. i can personally testify that the doctors and nurses at that hospital are incredible people. rob: that's where you come from morristown, new jersey? carley: yep. rob: good to know. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> not a single senator voted against this 2 trillion-dollar rescue bill. the senate has pitted from one of the most contentious, partisan periods in the nation's history to passing this rescue package 100 to 0. steve: starting with a fox news alert on this thursday morning. the u.s. senate unanimously passed an historic $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill. putting struggling americans one step closer to emergency relief. brian? brian: all right. it comes as the u.s. sees its deadliest day since the
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coronavirus outbreak began more than 200 people dying in the 24 hours. bringing the total number of if fatalities to more than 1,000 ainsley. ainsley: hot spot of the virus, new york. we have over 33,000 confirmed cases here with nearly 300 deaths in the city alone in new york city alone. makeshift morgues are already being set up outside of the hospitals to handle those deaths. right now there are more than 474,000 cases around the world. more than 21,000 people have died. the good news is here in america, the senate has reached a deal. it now goes to the house. then it will go to the president's desk. it was unanimous. the president tweeted 96-0 in the u.s. senate. congratulations, america, it's huge for small businesses get into the details. every person making 75,000 or less will get a check for $1,200. every child in those families will get $500. steve: that's right, ainsley. and so today is, as people look
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in and they are self-isolating and social distancing, today is day 11 of the administration's 15-days to slow the spread. we have got on our program today dr. janette nesheiwat, she is going to be answering your questions. dr. mehmet oz is going to be talking about those clinical trials is he operating are doing. dr. marc siegel doctor nicole saphier and coming up very, very shortly we'll talk to congressman doug collins who had been self-quarantining, he is out and about and top republican in the house kevin mccathy along with senator tim scott. so we have a very, very busy three hours, brian, that starts right now. brian: yeah. tim scott was one of the three senators who said at the last minute did you see what's in this bill i think we have drafting error. they ended up ignoring it. this is day 11 of a 15 i day fight to bend the curve. how are we doing? thanks to the senate historic agreement maybe a little bit better. americans could be seeing some
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type of relief in the pandemic in just a matter weeks. we think, griff, although we haven't gone inside the thousand pages. the question is, have you? >> as best i have brian and ainsley. it wasn't pretty. they finally got there rescue lifeline in history for an economy staring down a dangerousing tr-rblg recession. the president praising in a simple tweet 96-0 in the united states senate. congratulations, america, let's show you what's inside. starting with that cash on the way. it's going to be direct payments of 1200 per adult, 2400 per couple. 500 for a child for everybody making up 75,000. reductions come after 75,000 in income no. payout for anyone making 99,000 or more. 500 billion for hard-hit industries with oversight. 50 billion goes to the airlines. 377 billion for small businesses. 100 billion for hospitals and 200 billion for other domestic priorities and, yes, despite
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some opposition. there is money for the kennedy center for performing arts. they will get 25 million. now the bill heads to the house. speaker pelosi applauding it and thanking democratic leadership for overcoming that dispute, brian, you mentioned with the g.o.p. over jobless benefits that they said decent advised working. here is the statement pelosi put out saying quote i'm especially pleased that we defeated republicans' cruel last minute claw back of $600 in expanded unemployment insurance. that will provide desperately needed relief to so many workers losing their jobs. taken up friday. a voice vote expected to easily pass. of the president says he is ready to sign. this. >> because a lookout of this money goes to jobs, jobs, jobs. and families. send the bill to my desk for signature without delay. i will sign it immediately. griff: here's the kicker. congress may not be done. already many like pelosi and
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schumer are saying additional legislation is likely needed. that surely will upset fiscal conservatives who thought 2.2 trillion was too much already. brian, ainsley, steve? will will. steve: all right, griff. thank you very much. that is good news. we will be talking to doug collins about it in just a minute. also ainsley and brian, we got good news from governor cuomo. half of the cases in the united states are coming from new york state. the social distancing which we're doing right now. all across the country is doing is working as well. on sunday, the projection was that hospitalizations were going to double every two days. every two days that was on sunday. then on monday it extended to it was going to double every 3.4 days. tuesday it was going to double every 4.7 days. we are stretching it out. we are still not to the apex, brian, but we are getting closer. and that means that what we are
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doing is actually working. brian: yeah. i always thought like a rubber band, we were doing stuff now that's going to help news two weeks. we are starting to see some results, perhaps. as we get back to the package ainsley, just a quick thing. some things that did not get in the package, even though nancy pelosi tried to jam them through, mandatory early voting. ballot harvesting and provisions that would have limited the carbon footprint of airlines that was thankfully knocked out in this bill, believe it or not, funding for the kennedy center. for the kennedy center. meanwhile we'll get to the bottom of all thousand pages eventually. ainsley: yeah. the money for the kennedy center nancy pelosi wanted 35 million. they ended up going with 25 million. both sides had to make concessions. republicans were furious. special interest money focusing on the wrong things here. of this is what happens in washington they throw in all this pork to get the votes they need. that's what the bottom line, that's what it comes down. to say let's bring in
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congressman doug collins ranking member from the u.s. committee. off kwaoerpbg for quarantiningd a half. >> i'm here bright and early listens to the good news that the bill did get passed and looking forward for that relief to get to president trump's desk. ainsley: i was reading some of these things that was in president trump's. 349 billion in loans. i love. this this just shows how great america is money spent on rent, payroll or utilities is considered a grant. and those small businesses don't have to pay it back. do you know much about this? >> yeah. that's what we have been doing. i have been going over this bill for the last few days. this is important. when we first put this bill out a week or so ago. number one our healthcare was taken care of. our folks and our first responders were a part of that state and local government and small businesses and people.
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that's what the focus of the president's has been and that's what the focus of the republicans has been. get the relief to people so number one businesses can keep people employed. we don't have to have to lay them off and shut their business down. we want to give them the relief they need. keep them employed and off the unemployment roles then we can see our economy come back quicker and that's what that is for. steve: that's right it. cannot come soon enough. yesterday it was announced that apparently the cheesecake factory that great big restaurant that everybody loves to go to, they announced through their ceo apparently yesterday. that apparently they cannot pay their rent come april 1st. so, this particular bill, which the house, which you are a member of, congressman, with l. vote on it sounds like tomorrow morning. it has passed the senate. here's the speaker of the house talking about poison pills and things like that. watch. >> if we don't have unanimous consent, my two options with my members is to call them back to vote to amend this bill or to
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pass our own bill and go to conference with that the easiest way to do it is for us to come -- put aside some of our concerns for another day and get this done. you can support a bill because if it doesn't do enough that you want to do but that's what you can get, but if it has poison pills in it, then -- and they know certain things are poison pills. then they don't want unanimous consent. they just want an ideological statement. steve: so, congressman, that was a couple of days ago where nancy pelosi was talking about how you would vote on it. it sounds like they would like to do it via unanimous consent; however, aoc has already suggested she might have a problem with it. it sounds like you are going to have to all go back in some fashion to actually do some voting in person, right? >> well, that's what it is
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looking like right now. there is still a lot of question about that as far as -- would not be unanimous consent a voice vote and people can have debate and put in the record or voice their concerns or how they want to do it or have it put into the record how they would have voted if they could have been there some areas where people cannot attend. it is sort of interesting over the last few days for nancy pelosi the speaker putting ideological pills in there when they tried to put in the green new deal. they tried to put in a lot of different things that we knew was not going to be part of this but they knew this bill was going to have to pass but they tried to -- i'm glad to see she was overcome that so this bill can get to the president's desk. brian: she is talking about herself poison pills. she rode into town with two pages of poison pills. she even got some of them in this thing. for her to say that with a straight face without a laugh track is comical. the big question is will sto*eur and others kevin mccarthy say i need you back in washington or will you be allowed to do a
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voice vote on your phone or some way a secure line? how do you see this going? >> we're not going to be able to voice vote on the phone that's not allowed. voice vote will occur call the vote yea and nay and people will be able to voice that vote. debate time come and put a statement in the record. now, if someone calls for a recorded vote. then we are going to have to deal with that issue as well. someone can always call for a record vote which means every individual would have to vote on their own. we do not have the processes set up for proxy vote or for a remote voting and that's something that's been talked about a lot. especially when you have members in new york and other places who can't leave from where they are anyway. again, this is going to be an interesting time over the next few hours to find out exactly how they want to do this. brian: and just to follow up real quick, congressman, on that. this is not going to be the last time you are asked to vote. you guys have to come up with a system. there is going to be a fourth bill, fifth bill and other things to be done but might be too dangerous for you to go back to washington. you guys have got to come up with something that's better
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than the iowa app. >> you better believe it. that's one of the things we have been talking about a lot. there are things we can do. there is proxy voting. there is also some other ways that weekend actually do this. many of us have been talking about that. leader mccarthy has been very engaged in. this i know the others as well. we need to look at this as we go forward. my hope is after this bill let's take a pause and see what this is doing. like the 15 days the president asked for. this is going to get to the people who is going to need it most. our businesses, our people and hospitals. see where we need to go next. weave don't need pelosi and schumer need to rush into another spending bill. we need to make sure this is working and targeted like the president and secretary mnuchin wanted and that's what we need to do first. ainsley: maybe you would be able to use zoom or skype to vote. hopefully navigate that as we get closer to the next vote. let's talk about coronavirus in your state in georgia. we are seeing a sudden spike there 1387 cases, 47 deaths. how is georgia doing, sir? >> georgia is doing as good as
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we can right now. the governor is taking precautionary stepping. he is doing, i believe, to make sure everybody understands down here what needs to happen. he closed our bars and restaurants making sure we are keeping in track with what the federal guidelines are we are seeing it like everywhere else. certain hot spots seem to pop up. over 1300, 470 or over 400 hospitalized right now. right now the curve seems to be slowing like we have seen. hopefully that will continue. everybody is taking it seriously. one of the issues we are dealing with here is of course becoming harvest season making sure our workers are able to get food supply out and truck drivers able to get that out to the stores. georgia is coping like the rest. we are going to make it and see this through. at the end of the day, we are all in this together and we need to take care of each other during this time as well. steve: this is so well-put. we have got to take care of each other. that has brought us all together. at the same time, congressman, and you are on the judiciary committee, it sounds like the department of justice is looking
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at people who purposefully infect others. and so here's a quote from the department of justice. coronavirus appears to meet the stat torstatutory definition of biological agent. threats or attempts to use covid-19 as a weapon against americans will not be toll tolerated. it sounds like people could actually be charged if they infect others knowingly, congressman. >> i think it's a great to see the whole of government approach going on right. >> now the department of justice making it very clear if you want to do something or inflict harm or psychological harm or even physical harm on someone with this virus, that they are going to be taken seriously. i have heard reports of people jokingly saying that they're coughing on people and i have the virus and they don't. that causes a fear right now that is unwarranted. i think the department of justice is making it very clear. if you want to do something like this that hurts the american people, you're going to be in trouble. brian: congressman, the other big story actually to discuss throughout this three hours and throughout the day the president
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really itching to lift the economic sanctions and the dead lock on the economy in sections that don't be severely infected. has there been legitimate bipartisan talk about how to start opening up the economy again? >> i think the biggest starting up of opening the economy is getting this bill and getting relief aid to the folks who need it tp*eufrplts the president has done a great job of doing a two pronged approach. number one, looking out for the health and safety of americans making sure we take kyrie of social distancing doing the things to keep the spread down. at the same time, looking with an eye knowing we are going to come out of this and the economy needs to be in a shape where we can recover and recover quickly. this is exactly conversations being had. this bill is the first step along with the health and safety precautions being put in by the president and his team. brian: all right, congressman. thank you. ainsley: yeah. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. good luck. >> thank you. have a great day. ainsley: you are welcome. do you. hand it over to carley shimkus. she is filling in for jillian.
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carley: a big update to bring you. you. a former fbi agent held captive in iran is believed to be dead. robert levinson vanished for than a decade ago. information coming from iran indicates he died before the coronavirus outbreak in that country. in a statement levinson's family says it is impossible to describe our pain adding he was an american hero, a true patriot, and his compassion and kindness knew no bounds. 2020 hopefuls are debating over whether they should debate. former vp joe biden has had enough and is he focusing on the coronavirus outbreak. but senator bernie sanders says the debate is necessary. so americans know how the candidates would confront the crisis. now, at the same time, biden's camp is dealing with a new slip-up during an online event. >> when i left the united states senate, i became a professor at the university of pennsylvania.
3:17 am
carley: the former vice president never taught a class there he was just given an honorary professor title at the university. the newly formed space force's first launch is scheduled for today. the atlas rocket will take off cabe canaveral, florida. it it's sending a jam communication satellite into orbit. public launch viewing areas are closed because of the coronavirus. fox corporation and i heart media team up for coronavirus relief. the living room concert for america hosted by elton john will pay tribute to the healthcare workers on the front lines. singers like mariah carey will livestream performances from their home ♪ hero.
3:18 am
carley: amongst the other performers alicia keyes grammy winner. platforms including right here on the fox news channel. something fun to look forward to and such a good cause. steve: that's going to be -- absolutely, it's going to come just about the time hour of so-called 15 days to sloot spread is going to wrap up. and it will be cool to see all those big stars actually, you know, using their iphones from home. it won't be in a big concert setting, carley. it's going to be, you know, just in their hreufrpls singing songs. it's going to be fantastic. 9:00 this sunday night. all right. thank you. meanwhile, with hospitals overcrowded, urgent cares are taking on the burden. dr. janette nas nesheiwat is treating coronavirus patients every single day. she joins us with what she sees on the front lines coming up
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steve: with u.s. cases nearing 70,000, many americans are turning to walk-in clinics for cv 19 tests and treatment as well. 80% of urgent care centers report that they do not have enough tests to meet the walk-in demand. 72% report they are experiencing a surge in symptomatic parents. here with what she has seen on the front lines city md here in the new york city area dr. gentleman nette janette nes. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: it does make sense that
3:24 am
you are seeing some people walk in to the walk-in clinics because a lot of people don't have doctors on a regular basis. at the same time, the same place people might go for a tetanus shot, that person who walks in from the parking lot, you have no idea whether or not they have got cv-19 or are interested in, you know, a booster shot or something. >> you are absolutely right, steve. we have everything that walks in the doors. i have treated heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, pneumonias. you know, car accidents. covid-19. i'm right there on ground zero in the trenches swabbing, testing, resuccess tailgating covid patients. i see firsthand, steve, what this virus is doing to the community, to my patients. i see the damage it is causing to their lungs. just last week, for example, i had a patient walk in stumbling, he almost collapsed in my arms. his oxygen level was so low, in the low '70s. >> normally it's in the 90's, high 90's.
3:25 am
he couldn't breathe. he could barely talk. i quickly put him on oxygen. put him on iv and fluids called the paramedics to come and take him to the hospital. i couldn't let the paramedics come in because bless their heart he didn't have gloves he was wearing a pediatric mask barely cover his face. fortunately i was able to give him proper supplies to protect himself and take him to the hospital for further care. our goal and mission is to help offset and lower the burden on emergency rooms and on hospital admissions. and we do this by trying to encourage and enforce social distancing. sadly, i'm seeing a lot of noncompliance with social distancing. i'm taking care of er doctors and nurses and inmates. and, you know, i had a patient who was a doctor at a nursing home. i said were you wearing a mask? were you wearing gloves? i ask my inmate patient what are you guys doing for social distancing?
3:26 am
you are in close quarters? compliance with social distancing we need to be more diligent with that because we have to reduce the number of cases in the community to reduce the burden on the hospital. to reduce the number of icu admissions. we don't want to have to have 30,000 ventilators. but that's not to say that all of our cases that walk in the door are like this. yesterday i had a patient with very mild shortness of breath. you know, a lot of patients say they are gasping for air and can't breathe. sometimes it's mild. sometimes i'm able to give them cough medicines and inhalers send them home, rest, self-queen that sort of thing. we need to focus on compliance with social distancing. and we have got to continue expanding our testing. we need more broad surveillance and screening. because i know if i'm able to defennively give a patient a positive diagnosis, they are more likely to self-isolate and quarantine and look to see if
3:27 am
there is hot pockets of early brewing clusters of covid in the community so why can tackle early so we don't turn into italy or china. we want to be like tijuana and south korea and model those countries and try to keep the number of patient cases low. steve: you know, doctor, we have heard so much about the symptoms and we know what they are. and they say as long as you don't have trouble breathing, you can isolate at home. but, at the same time, i get it why people would -- who don't have a doctor would go to an urgent care or city m.d. like where you operate to have it verified. yep, you have got it so you need to do it. you need self-isolate. you are doing the right thing. but they are taking the step and coming and perhaps infecting the people there at the urgent care. >> right. and they are also having us consume more pp es every time, for example i go in to see a patient i wear a mask, i wear a shield i put on gloves.
3:28 am
i'm having to use and consume more supplies. that's why we are telling patients, look, if you just have very mild symptoms of sniffles, maybe a little cough, a low grade fever, stay home. rest. if you truly are having trouble breathing, and you are high fevers and cough and chest tightness. that's when you need to seek medical care. if you can, call ahead so we can prepare for your arrival so we don't contaminate or spread this people to other people, highly infectious and contagious virus. we have to take proper precautions to protect healthcare workers and the patient. because it may not be covid. it could be something else. it could be a bacterial pneumonia which i'm also seeing a lot of. we have to take all precautions definitely we need to get those rapid fda-approved covid testing where you can get results in 45 minutes. there are some new tests out there i'm just dying to get my hands on them. we have the point of care of finger republican blood test where can you see if you have had the virus and then also the
3:29 am
swabs of the nose, the mouth, that sort of thing. we need those rapid tests because i really think that's going to play a huge role in trying to reduce the spread of this virus in the community which we desperately need. steve: right. we do, indeed. all right. doctor, thank you very much for telling us about what it is like on the front lines of urgent care and people are going through it all across the country. doctor, thank you. >> thank you, steve. steve: meanwhile, it's almost 6:30 here on the east coast. you bet. many americans facing financial hurdles from the cv 19 virus with questions like do you need to keep paying your credit card bills if you can't afford them? ramsey solutions personal finance experts rachel cruze and ken coleman are here with answers coming up. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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brian: millions of americans have been impacted financially by the coronavirus. i don't know anyone who hasn't been or are about to be. we have questions from all of you. the folks from ramsey solutions are here to answer some of them. experts in the field. personal finance expert. "new york times" best-selling author. familiar face on our channel rachel cruze is here and personal finance and career expert ken coleman. we need your expertise now more than ever. keep in mind tonight, ramsey solutions will be hosting a free livestream town hall at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on dave so before that, let's give a
3:34 am
preview of livestream show tonight. let's begin with the first question for ken. ken, this person lost their job. what financial moves do they need to take immediately? >> well, the first thing i want to do is i want to encourage you that just because you lost your job. your dream, your career hasn't disappeared. so you are going to have to prioritize right now. this is about meeting the four basic needs. this is about your home. this is about your transportation. this is about your utilities. and this is about food. and so what i want you it do is get a job. there are jobs that are exploding in certain industries while we are seeing others contract. things like pharmacies, groceries. delivery services. if you want an exhaustive list of all the industries and certain companies that are actually hiring right now go. to my instagram page at ken coleman we have a list for you. this is temporary, short-term. so, swallow your pride. if you have got to stock shelves at night and deliver stuff during the day. that's what you do.
3:35 am
you will get back in to that career into that purposeful work. brian: drive around your neighborhood. say restaurants i will deliver for you. don't be embarrassed. everyone is going through. this that's right. brian: not through this country but around the globe. 50% of our country is locked down. people calling into their states to file unemployment got so bad, for example, in michigan the whole system went down. let's move on for rachel. rachel, this question is for you. this question comes i'm not sure from who but here it is. i don't have an emergency fund and i'm worried i could lose my job. i also have a lot of debt. any advice? rachel, take this on? >> for sure. well, fear is a terrible financial advisor. so just because you are afraid you are going to lose your job. that's not the facts. but if you are in an industry where you say okay. i probably am going to lose my job. pause on paying all debt. pate minimum.
3:36 am
start emergency fund. continue to pay on your debt. brian: okay. all right. meanwhile, this is for ken. i almost got my dream job now they are on hiring freeze. i need to earn money. what type of job should guy after, ken? >> well, we covered this just a moment ago. this is where, again, you are looking for any opportunity to just bring in some income. but i want to pivot for a lot of these folks and add something that i didn't mention a moment ago, brian. that is this. in this season of prioritizing and just going and getting work and bringing income in as we discussed. i want you to be using any down time that you have to be ready for go time in the next two, three months. i believe you will see the economy coming back online. people getting back to work. if you have been laid off temporarily or furloughed, or let's say you were in a job, brian, that you didn't like. some people don't like their job. this could be a moment to shift. i want you to be preparing, learning, reading, watching.
3:37 am
what you can do in the down time to get ready for go-time. it's coming and i want you to be ready. brian: all right. that's good. by the way, take a look at some of the people hiring. amazon have 150,000 jobs looking to fill. kroger 10,000. aldi 9,000. dollar general 50,000. walmart 150,000. cvs, domino's, pop with a john's. they are out there hiring. rachel, now to you. my credit card company has offered deferred payments. should i take tore continue to pay as usual? what do you think? especially american express who wants it at the end of the month. sometimes they say can you do continue cream mentally what do you think? >> if you have lost your job. making sure four walls are covered. food, shelter, utilities and transportation. if that's covered. then continue to pay on those debts. if you have lost your job, yeah, take the grace period. there are a lot of industries right now giving grace periods without extra interest or fees. if you are in a position where can you only do your needs, those four walls then go ahead and take the grace period.
3:38 am
if you are still making an income, go ahead and stay current on your debt. brian: yeah. this also is an opportunity to bulk up on your education or do some other things with your down time, especially if you aren't getting paid and not going to work. so many other questions. you will be covering that tonight. ramsey solutions hosting a free livestream town hall tonight at 8:00 eastern time. dave there to register. rachel and ken, great job. thanks. we will have you back. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. brian: keep in mind, we have money, $2 trillion coming. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, a doctor takes us inside the hospital's daily fight to keep people alive and get them back on their feet. that story coming your way next. and a "take care of your employees" company. we're a "help you ride the ups and downs of the market" company.
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and even though tables are empty at the moment... now you can be there for them. while the doors may be closed, the kitchens are open for delivery. ♪ steve: well, the united states sees its deadliest day since the
3:43 am
cv-19 outbreak began yesterday. ainsley: more than 200 people dying in 24 hours bringing the total number of if a seattle tattles to more than 1,000. brian: right. todd piro joins us live as the senate delivers much needed financial relief to americans. is it enough for new york, todd? todd: there is the question, brian. good morning steve, ainsley ands well. 81 deaths last night. raising the city's total deaths to 280. at elm hearst hospital in queens, 13 people reported dead in the 24 hour period. a refrigerated truck stationed outside the hospital to store bodies. nationally, the numbers continue to rise. more than 69,000 cases. 1050 deaths with more than 200 deaths yesterday. a new high for fatalities in a single day. meantime, hope heat in summer months will slow down the virus. a new warning from the white house task force that the u.s. and other countries need to be prepared for another cycle of coronavirus next winter.
3:44 am
>> what we are starting to see now in the southern hemisphere in southern africa and in the southern hemisphere countries is that we are having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season. and if, in fact, they have a substantial outbreak, it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we'll get a cycle around the second time. >> in response to the virus, the largest relief package in history passing 96-0 in the senate. it includes direct payments. $1,200 per adult. $2,400 per couple. $500 per child. phased out for higher incomes. along with money for small businesses. large corporations and hospitals. the package now heads to the house, which is expected to take it up tomorrow. president trump expected to sign it once it hits his desk. steve, ainsley and brian? steve: you are right about that. all right. todd, thank you very much. meanwhile, new york city is now the epicenter of the outbreak with more than 30,000 cases
3:45 am
statewide. and over 20,000 in new york city alone. ainsley? ainsley: so, what is it like for healthcare professionals on the front lines of this crisis? joining us now is dr. ang lee enter rat aberati. we are looking at some of the numbers. steve talked about this at the top of the show. on sunday new york state predicted hospitalization doubling every two days on tuesday doubling every 4.7 days. are you seeing a smaller volume and what does this indicate? >> women, at my facility, i work at a small free standing er in downtown manhattan in greenwich, village. we have definitely seen a change from last week to this week. overall, our volume of our general emergency cases has definitely gone down and the majority of the cases that we are seeing are complications or illness from the coronavirus the
3:46 am
alarming thing is the first week or two weeks ago when we started seeing the cases we were surprised by the spectrum of illness and we are thinking it was mostly an upper respiratory illness. we did see some patients with pneumonia and gi symptoms as well. this week that's really kicked up a notch in terms of the severity and the frequency with which patients are coming in. the patients that had mild symptoms of the virus last week are coming in a little bit sicker. a little more progressive in their symptoms. and so i think that that is definitely an indication that this viral infection does have some long-lasting symptoms and can get pretty severe. but it's not a quick severity. it's sort of a long, drawn-out kind of severity that these patients are experiencing. brian: dr. bharati, i understand for the people who test positive
3:47 am
only 13% need to be hospitalized. if you test positive doesn't mean you are going to check in. in the big picture, i understand part of the strategy is get the patients who don't have the coronavirus to a separate hospital and keep the coronavirus people together. are you understanding, is that the mission you have and will the uss comfort be a help for you guys when it finally gets online in the next couple of days? >> i think that is the strategy that we're going with right now as much as we can for patients that require hospitalization. we, you know, we don't want people to infect each other. we don't want to admit someone to a ward that doesn't have a coronavirus infection. we don't want them to contract coronavirus certainly not in a hospital facility or an outpatient setting. you know that wouldn't be -- that would be less than ideal. we are trying to separate patients based on their symptoms and whether we think they have the coronavirus but, the truth is because of the spectrum of
3:48 am
illness, it's so wide at this point, we are questioning and questioning again whether we really think this patient doesn't have it. two weeks ago we were sort of thinking more like oh well, do they have it? do they not have it? this week we are thinking that most people who present for emergency services they do have the virus. steve: dr. bharati, i have a question for you. i saw images of personnel at one of the hospitals in new york city they are so short on personal protective equipment they were wearing garbage bags. i know you are not doing that at your facility; however, you are reusing masks because the key is to keep everybody who is trying to make people, you know, diagnose people and get people healthier, for you guys not to get sick. >> yes. absolutely. i mean, at my facility, we are being very, very mindful and very, very practical on your use of personal protective equipment. we conservative every opportunity that we get.
3:49 am
it is true that when you see patients with infections of coronavirus, you know, the recommendations are to wear the personal protective equipment that's been provided to you by your facility. but we, at my shop, we are really trying to make concerted effort to be conservative in that, try to minimize the number of staff going into a room to prepare for a patient and try to really conservative the supply that we have. ainsley: okay. thank you so much, dr. bharati. we wish you the best. take care. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: millions of students forced to stay at home as all of our schools are closed. how do you keep them on track. week long series tips from a teacher turn stay-at-home mom after the break. what makes you, you? your cells. trillions of them. that's why centrum contains 14 key nutrients to help feed your cells, nourishing your body inside and out so you can focus
3:50 am
on what matters most. centrum. feed your cells. fuel your life.
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3:53 am
ainsley: with kids home from school sharing fun activities to keep them busy and stay on track with schoolwork. back with tips and activities is former teacher and author of this book right there called "actual parenting" susie we are learning to parent over this time period. >> i'm so happy. ainsley: tips to stay on track with the schoolwork. all the teachers are sending
3:54 am
through emails. the first one involves reading what is that. >> on behalf of all teachers around america just read with your children every day. we have time right now. there are two great ways you should be reading with your kids right now no matter how old they are. read aloud to your child and then carve out time during the day for your child to be silent reading by themselves. ainsley: okay. for writing, what's your tip for writing? >> get a journal, get a notebook. and pass notes back and forth with your child. i know it's really hard as parents to just tell our kids go write something because we want them practicing those skills. it's a lot more manage financial we have a notebook and sending letters back and forth to each other. also stress. ainsley: reading, wrighting and arithmetic. >> go to the card closet and find some games. teach them old school games that our kids can play right now that will help with their math skills so much.
3:55 am
ainsley: okay. how about for the little, little ones some water activities? i know you have been telling us some throughout the week. have you new ones for us this morning. rescue the animal. what is that? >> this is one of my favorite. take a storage container. set it on the floor. add in a second one and fill that with water. dump in their favorite toys and give them a slotted spoon and tell them they need to rescue their toys. it's so engaging and kids think it is hysterical. ainsley: what about ice bin? >> oh, i always jam my ice maker so i'm always dumping it out. dump it into a storage container next time this happens to you. add in a little water and utensils, let your kids just play with it. it is so fun for kids to just explore aoeufplts. ainsley: what about sink or float? what is that game? >> this is so fun. this is the basis of science for kids. we can teach our kids the scientific method with this little activity. toys a bowl of water and have them ask each time will it sink or will it float? dump the toy in and test their
3:56 am
hypothesis. ainsley: thank you so much, suzie. website busy you can post pictures of you doing these activities with #busy toddler. see you tomorrow, suesy. thank you. >> bye. ainsley: questions have been pouring in why does it take longer for some people to get sick? dr. oz is here to answer all your questions right after the break. each day a little sweeter. adp simplifies hr, benefits, and payroll for magnolia bakery, so employees like sarah can achieve what they're working for. 1 in 3 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease. millions of patients are treated with statins-but up to
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4:00 am
♪ brian: we begin with a fox news alert. the senate unanimously passing an historic 2.2 trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus bill. putting struggling americans, we hope, one step closer to emergency relief. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell touting the bipartisan success. >> tonight, not a single senator voted against this 2 trillion-dollar rescue bill. the senate has pivoted from one of the most contentious, partisan periods in the nation's history to passing this rescue package 100 to 0. ainsley: it comes as the u.s. sees its deadliest day since the coronavirus outbreak began. more than 200 people dying within 24 hours. bringing the total number of fatalities to more than 1,000. the hot spot of the virus, new york. has over 33,000 confirmed cases with nearly 300 deaths in new york city alone.
4:01 am
makeshift morgues are even be setting up outside of the hospitals. steve: meanwhile, you are taking a live look at a drive-thru test site in newark, new jersey, it will open in few hours. patients must have appointments as you see right there. the chopper is getting over position. right now there are over 474,000 covid-19 cases worldwide. more than 21,000 people have died. and welcome to the second hour of "fox & friends" for this very busy thursday. so the good news, ainsley and brian, is the fact that the senate has passed this thing. it was unanimous. we love to see that during this time of national unity. but, at the same time, you would think that the stock market would go up and we don't know for sure when it opens at 9:30. however, when you look at the futures, they are actually trending down a little bit. and it doesn't have anything to do with the relief package. it has everything to do with the
4:02 am
jobless numbers which is going to come later today. it could be historic. the last time it was really low was back in 1982 when it was 700,000 new jobless claims. that was in 1982. they are suggesting it could be ainsley somewhere between 2 million and 4 million. brian, it will be interesting to see where that number is and we could have it during our program today. a. brian: should be at 8:30. larry kudlow got us set for a bad number. we knew it was coming. millions have applied for unemployment claims. we are getting closer to 3%. going below 3%. now as high as 13% overall. meanwhile, coming up on our show try to pack them all. in dr. oz is standing by just about dressed. dr. marc siegel shortly after. and dr. nicole saphier will be with us after that. also senator tim scott will be
4:03 am
with us live and minority leader kevin mccarthy on will there be a vote in the house? will there be a vigorous debate today? why are we wasting today? why vote today? why are we waiting for tomorrow? we'll talk about all of that because we had congressman collins on last hour and congressman collins says, listen, right now, i don't really plan to go back to washington. he just is coming out of two weeks of quarantine and wondering is it worth it to go out there and huddle up when we are supposed to be social distancing, ainsley. ainsley: the whole point of this bill, relief for the american people. if you are wondering what's in this bill for you. if you make 75,000 odds o $75 o- you can see right there. if you are a couple get twice that 2400. also, if you own a small business, i love. this the package includes almost $350 billion for you guys for loans, and if you spend some of
4:04 am
that money on rent or your payroll, so you don't have to fire your employees or your utilities so you can keep your lights on, that is considered a grant. you actually will not have to pay that back. so, as the lawmakers are working on this relief, the package goes to the house as you all have said. then it will go to the president's desk. he is set to sign that he says, toward the end of the week. tomorrow is friday. probably tomorrow it. looks like everyone is unanimous. everyone is unanimous in the senate. it was 96-0. the president tweeted 96-0 in the u.s. senate. congratulations, america. steve: meanwhile, we had doug collins as brian mentioned a moment ago on with us just about an hour ago. it has now passed the senate. where does it go next? here's the congressman. >> but it is sort of interesting over the last few days for nancy pelosi, the speaker, to actually talk about putting ideological pills in there when they tried to put in the neil. they tried to put in a lot of different things. i'm glad she has overcome this period the bill can come to the
4:05 am
floor to we can get it to the president's desk. after this bill take a pause, like the 15 days the president has asked for. this is going to get to the people who need to get it most. we need to make sure this is working and targeted like the president and mr. secretary mnuchin and others have wanted. that's what we need to do first. steve: okay. so it looks as if there could be a vote in the house tomorrow. the question is how are they going to do it? stay tuned for that meanwhile, bring in dr. mehmet oz, host of the dr. oz show. he has been with us all week. it's been great to have you with us. dr. oz, let me ask you about this. you were with us on monday talking about how you were starting clinical trials of one of a combination of drugs to combat the symptoms of coronavirus. particularly newspaper i can't understand a things like that. we're a couple of days. in any idea how it's going so far? >> no. still struggling just to get
4:06 am
first patients enrolled. have you got to wait at least a week to get the first people out. as these trials work, brian and steve, you are not allowed to release the data until a data safety group says you know what? it's so clearly one side otherwise have you killed the trial. if everyone thinks that drug group is going to win no one is going to become a placebo anymore. these trials will takes weeks to a month and more than that to give it a fair analysis. i have a little breaking news for you. i got an email just before we came on from dr. gao in china who says they have actually done 100 patient clinical trial that was randomized the kind of trial that dr. fauci would want. did not give me the data because it was not analyzed yet. he said we should stand by. i will find out about this result the next week or two i hope. good other countries have already done the trials we are trying to do here. give doctors more guidance. brian: some of the numbers just waking up here we go. confirmed cases in our country
4:07 am
69197. deaths over 1050; 619 total recovered. i imagine that number will get higher. back to your original point. does that have anything to do with another report this morning that china is saying that that they have had success with arthritis drug. they claim it was 95% cure rate on those critical with this disease? have you heard anything about that dr. oz? >> i haven't seen a study yet. i heard the rumor. again, these are often pilot studies. and the problem with these studies is that you don't have a control group. so you don't know how good the natural history would ar have b. when you put a control group in there sometimes it's not as good as you thought it was. the chinese have been working arduously, dr. fauci brought this up yesterday when he talked about we will probably have relapses at some point this is endemic virus. probably never going to be gone. there will be a version around like the flu. we can live with viruses that are always around. but we have to have strategies to cope with it when it comes
4:08 am
back. the best strategy are better medications that work early for people who are ill and ultimately the vaccine. but the clinical trials will give us those clues by the winter. right now the question is what do you do. the arthritis drug you mentioned the hydroxychloroquine, aredd-it moaaaredd-it throw my sin. some have fairly advanced. we are going to end up with some of that medication over the next month or two. right now the american people and their doctors want a strategy, i have been fielding calls. is a bunch of people on the show trying the antimalaria medication and antivirals. people think they work but they can't tell for sure. did you go to war with the army you have and that's what we're doing. ainsley: dr. oz, you mentioned other cycles it. scares a lot of people with the flu we have a flu shot. we have been dealing with this for a long time. with this we are imagining going through this again in a year.
4:09 am
dr. fauci and president trump talked about other cycles. listen to this. what we are starting to see now in the southern hemisphere countries is having cases appearing as they go into their winter season. and if, in fact, they have a substantial outbreak it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we will get a cycle around the second time. >> over 150 countries have this virus. no one could have ever seen something like this coming but now we know. we know it can happen and happen again. if it does, somebody is going to be very well prepared because of what we have learned and how we have done. ainsley: dr. oz, dr. fauci was talking about going into the winter season. that's not that far away election year 2020 election time. we won't have the vaccine by then, right? how do we prepare for that? >> you won't have the vaccine
4:10 am
but we're going to have data on which of these medications. again, 100 of them being tested now. our most effective so we can most aggressively treat people when they're first diagnosed. get them better care when they're actually in the icu. treatment for the complications of the virus. most importantly, we have a drug trial now at columbia university look at hydroxychloroquine as prophylactic. if chloroquine works for that we could use that as a way of avoiding people getting ill so we reduce the infectivity of the virus. these viruses have historically always done. this this isn't new. we shouldn't panic about it. it's going to happen. as a doctor, the most important thing i was ever taught, tell the patient when it's going to hurt. they can deal with it. it will hurt when it comes back but it won't be like it is now. steve: yeah. there you go. dr. oz, we all know the symptoms of coronavirus. we know it really well.
4:11 am
but i was reading a story in the miami herald, i believe yesterday about how the number -- you know, one of the symptoms is tightness in your chest or trouble breathing. i read that apparently google searches for panic attacks was up like 100 percent or something like that because people are suffering from anxiety because they are at home. they are watching the news. they are worried about their families. they are worried about their jobs. what sort of advice would you have for people who are feeling anxious and frustrated right now? they don't have coronavirus, they are just worried. >> oftentimes they think they have coronavirus because they are so anxious about it. every small little symptoms, you know, they don't quite smell as well this morning as they did yesterday. they think they have it. a little cough and little belly ache. i don't want to down play these issues because they may have coronavirus because it's often mild symptoms. panic attack is devastating. it's not just in your head. the whole body. the rapid palpitations, the
4:12 am
sweating, feeling like the world is closing in around you. these symptoms can cause all kinds of detrimental effects. which is why a lot of doctors are feeling that the worry and panic about coronavirus is going to be worse than the actual coronavirus for them. if we can sort of balance that out for the first few months we were all saying guys wake this up is a problem. now the medical community is saying step back for a second. you are going to be fine. look at the survival numbers under the age of 20 we don't have a death yet. very few above that until you get into the 50's. so it's a pretty safe virus for the majority of americans. the panic you are experiencing is only going to pull you away from the will need to succeed. brian: the problem is we are all stuck in the house. >> big part of it. ainsley: have you calmed our nerves because your responses so some these questions have made us feel better or at least me. thank you so much, dr. oz. let's hand it over to carley shimkus. >> bye-bye. ainsley: okay, bye-bye. hand it over to carley shimkus who is filling in for jillian.
4:13 am
carley: missouri man killed during fbi arrest was blow planning to blow up a kansas city hospital providing critical care in the covid-19 crisis. timothy wilson was at the center for a month's long domestic terrorism investigation. it's not clear if he was shot by agents or himself. wilson apparently getting agra sra*euted after the state issued a stay-at-home order. overnight the fbi releasing a statement saying in part wilson considered various targets and ultimately settled on an area hospital in an attempt to harm many people. a former fbi agent held captive in iran is believed to be dead. robert levinson vanished on a mission more than a decade ago. the government and levinson's family say information coming from iran indicates he died before the coronavirus outbreak in the country. in a statement, levinson's family says it is impossible to describe our pain, adding he was an american hero, a true patriot. and his compassion and kindness
4:14 am
knew no bounds. actress lori loughlin and her husband want a judge to toss out charges in the college admission scandal. the couple and other parents accuse prosecutors of extraordinary misconduct. they claim the informant in the case was bullied into lying and key evidence was withheld. loughlin and her husband are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their daughters into usc. both have pleaded not guilty. trial begins in october. and listen to this, fox corporation and i heart media team up for coronavirus relief. the living room concert for america by elton john will pay tribute to healthcare workers on the front lines. singers like mariah carey will livestream performances from their homes ♪ among the perform hers alicia
4:15 am
keyes billie eilish and will mcgraw. right here on the fox news channel. keep it right here for that event. brian: wow. also going to have the back street boys another reason to watch and listen. it will be odd though to hear all of this but not hear any applause. because you are going it see them almost -- remember mtv used to have that unplugged series where these great musician goes in front and don't use any electronics. a little bit like it's going to be. therapy not only for the people watching and the benefit for the first responders but also the musicians. they are usersed to have that feedback and then maybe suddenly they will be able to put something on that you can download so maybe sense that they are getting their business started again. i think it's a win-win-win. i look forward to something now
4:16 am
sunday at 9:00. i no longer am going to schedule monopoly for a fourth straight night. now going to watch a concert. so unreal. carley: can you always applaud from the comfort of your own couch. brian: they can't hear it, carley. that he was the thing. ainsley: i think they will be okay, brian. try to keep it optimistic. steve: if brian is suspending the monopoly game that means the kids are beating him. just saying. i know how this operates. brian: absolutely. i'm not going to be the bank. steve: meanwhile, the u.s. senate is sending a massive 2.2 trillion-dollar stimulus bill, rescue bill to the house. so how long until americans can see checks? we're going to talk to house minority leader kevin mccarthy about details coming up next.
4:17 am
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4:21 am
>> the senate has pivoted from one of the most contentious, partisan periods in the nation's history to passing this rescue package 100 to 0. brian: hours ago the senate passed a 2.2 trillion-dollar stimulus relief bill for millions of americans impacted by the coronavirus. no one has not been impacted. that relief package now heads to the house. what can we expect? no better person to ask than minority leader kevin mccarthy who joins us now. kevin, the ball is yours, 96-0 from the senate. where does the house stand on this? >> i believe the house will pass this bill. we want to make sure we are able to read it. the final text did not come out until last night. remember the size and the scope of how much money this is. so we will take the opportunity to read through it today. we will vote on friday, tomorrow
4:22 am
in the morning. but the floor will look different. remember where we are today. we have a number of members who have the virus on both sides of the aisle. >> we have a number of members who are quarantined. we have challenges for flying here because some flights are being cancelled. so you might not have the full body. but you want to make sure you have the debate and those constituents have their voices. it will pass, but this time not with the unanimous consent with no debate. we will have a debate and then we will have a voice vote to bring it up and move it to the president's desk. unfortunately, we have wasted this entire week because the democrats wanted to put in their election law changes, bail out pensions, put the green new deal. we were able to keep that out. they did put some more funding for things that don't deal with coronavirus, but we will still get this package that is needed for the hospitals. brian: right. >> for the small businesses to keep people employed. that's the key part here. and every day matters. so we want to get this done quickly. brian: i love the fact there is
4:23 am
incentive. these are loans and grants. unless you do not effort to keep 90% of your employees then they become loans. you have got to pay them back. an incentive to keep people on the job. i love that when you are coming in people might be thinking to themselves okay that's a republican coming in criticizing a democrat. you are actually being 100 percent accurate with no political agenda. nancy pelosi came in demanding mandatory early voting. ballot harvesting. provisions on e.p.a. standards over the next 20 years for airplanes. planned parenthood financing and she did get some stuff but not all the stuff. what did that do to the money that the american people are waiting for? >> well, it's very frustrating because if you are a small business owner. that's what i was. you are sitting around a kitchen table right now trying to make a decision do you lay people off or not. what this is help on the way. when this passes, you cannot only just get a loan but if you keep paying your employees and paying your rent, that portion of it is forgiven. you don't pay it back.
4:24 am
it's the incentive to keep america working because some millions of us work in a small business and larger business meaning you have more than 500 employees we are going to provide you the loan guarantee but we also have a tax incentive in there where we could pay up for 50% of employees for two months. we want to keep america working. that makes us stronger but we also deal with unemployment insurance. the one thing about nancy pelosi there she didn't get that money in the bill. she plucked up more things that didn't deal with the coronavirus. that's the pain we had to put up for three days of not getting this bill moved. brian: right. she did get $25 million for the kennedy center. think about how that would have benefited hospitals. also, small businesses now have to stay out of union organization efforts. so she got that what does that have to do with anything to do with this package? real quick, congressman, they are saying they are going back for a fourth and fifth. senator blumenthal says what we didn't get here we will get on the fourth and fifth rounds.
4:25 am
are we expecting two more rounds of trillion-dollar rescue packages? >> i would take a deep breath. we have now just passed. this would be the third bill. let's let this work. let's let this work inside america. because i know the ingenuity, the intensity and the inspiration we can overcome. this we have now given the resources to make and solve this problem. we don't need to be crafting another bill right now. let's let these $2 trillion go to work for us, plus the 8 billion ahead of time and the billions of dollars we just passed on the second bill. brian: we just have to find a way to get secure remote voting for senator thune and senator rand paul not to be able to participate in the big picture in the year 2020, i think we can handle that. but for now, let's get through this week. and we will hopefully get a passage on friday. leader mccarthy, thanks for telling us the latest news. appreciate it? >> thank you. remember. we will overcome this and we will be stronger. brian: you got it. meanwhile, we are seeing our
4:26 am
way -- our next guests are singing away the coronavirus blues. literally. meet the louisiana twins going viral for their musical stay-at-home message after the break. bring it up louder ♪ who do we call ♪ got the coronavirus blues ♪ yeah, the coronavirus blues ♪ whoa, lord, please help us ♪ we got coronavirus ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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♪ ♪ kwaurpbg quarantine is for ths ♪ we got to do it to flatten the curve ♪ flatten the curve ♪ yeah, flatten that curve ♪ oh, lord, please help us ♪ we got the covid-19 blues ♪ ainsley: twin sisters in louisiana going viral coming up creative way to remind america by doing their part staying home and flattening that curve. joining us now are the chill billie twins. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. ainsley: i love it. pam, why did you write this? >> well, i was sitting at home
4:31 am
and i got to thinking we need to write a song about the coronavirus blues to cheer people up. this is depressing before it's over. i said i'm on my way out to your house and we are going to write this song. so we did. and then we decided to go drag some costumes out of her garage and we made a short little video just to put on facebook for our friends. and it just blew up. ainsley: yeah. i'm sure you didn't expect that pat, i know your governor said y'all have to stay at home. are you all staying at home together? >> well, that's the only place i have been to her house and she hasn't been to anywhere else. i haven't been anywhere else. we have just been to each other's house. ainsley: the reason i ask, it's hard to live with adult family members for that long. i was going to ask how are you getting along. i have a sister i love her to death but it would be tough. so, tell us about. so things that you wrote about and what's giving you the blues.
4:32 am
>> well, we don't want to make light of a series subject for one thing, but we do want want to try to keep people on a positive note. that was the purpose of the song. ainsley: it really is a creative song. >> help flattening the curve. understand what flattening the curve means. stay home and do what you are asked to so we can get rid of this. ainsley: our state has been hit hard. i know louisiana has been hit hard. thanks for bringing a little bit of laughter into our lives. you write about sanitizer and toilet paper. take it away, ladies. we want to hear this song. ♪ ♪ i left my home about a quarter till 4. looking for toilet paper ain't no more. we got the coronavirus blues. ♪ yeah, the coronavirus blues ♪ whoa, lord, please help us
4:33 am
♪ we got the coronavirus blues ♪ no hand sanitizer. no alcohol no wipes now who do you call? we got the coronavirus blues ♪ yeah, the coronavirus blues ♪ whoa, lord, please help us ♪ we got the coronavirus blues ♪ self-quarantine ♪ we got to do it ♪ just to flatten that curve ♪ i said flatten that curve ♪ yeah, flatten that curve ♪ whoa, lord, please help us ♪ we got the covid-19 blues ♪ if you want to eat out ♪ do the right thing
4:34 am
♪ we'll all get through ♪ get right through ♪ we all can get through ♪ we're going to get through ♪ oh, lord, please help us ♪ we got the coronavirus blues ♪ whoo ♪ we'r we're going to keep it oa positive note ♪ i said a positive note ♪ yeah, a positive note ♪ oh, lord, please help us ♪ we got the coronavirus blues ♪ now go wash your hands. ainsley: ladies, that is awesome. i grew up in a town similar to where you are. yeah, wash your hands. i know how this works. like my mom would spread this around. we would be oh my gosh there are my mom's friend's laughing next
4:35 am
thing you know you are on "fox & friends." i know we have a big viewership down there in louisiana. if folks at home want to download their song and send it on to their friends through email how with they do that? >> go to the chill billie's twin site on youtube or we do have a facebook site chill billy. >> chillbilly twins. lord please help us. new warning of the possible new cycle of the coronavirus. how can we prepare for it? update from the white house task force. that's coming up next. car like i treat mine.
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4:40 am
and human service is, a pediatrician and member of the white house coronavirus task force. admiral, good morning to you, thank you very much for joining us on this very biz were day for you. the numbers continue to go up of the number of positive tests regarding the coronavirus here in the united states. but, we expected that as the testing expands nationwide. and the tests are much easier to get. tell us about how you feel about expanding the test even further. >> well, thank you for having me and you are absolutely correct. just over 8 days ago. we only had a total of about 40,000 tests completed. and as of yesterday, we are over 432,000 tests completed and i'm certain that number will be about half a million today. so, we are really leveraging the great healthcare industry that we have, the clinical laboratory association. so we are performing 65, 70,000 test as day. and we will continue to see that grow. and, of course, the more you test, the more positives you
4:41 am
have. and we do expect that. brian: you have a governor in new york where the epicenter of this entire virus is getting a little impatient now with the federal government. he says he needs to you do the defense production act. he needs to stop bidding against other states for ventilators and gowns and masks. why haven't you even though you have given new york a lot why haven't you nationalized and centralized it so at the very least states aren't getting gouged and we could have a centralized location. >> let me say a couple things the defense production act it's very important that that potential is there as the president has clearly said, industry is pouring in with offers. everything we have asked they have done. and they come every single day to provide more and more goods. more and more opportunities. retooling plants, sacrifice to make everything here. the second point i want to say there is a role for centralization of some resources
4:42 am
that's why we have a strategic national stockpile the last thing we want to do is get in the middle of normal supply chains to hospitals, laboratories. the private sector does this better than anyone else. and when the private sector can work and we see it working on a daily basis including ramping up. we don't want to get in the middle of that why should the government buy it, bring it to a central place and then try to redistribute it to where things need to go. again, on certain occasions, when there are scarcities we absolutely do that i think you know the government put out an rsp to buy 100,000 ventilators. that's something we need to help across the country. selective circumstances absolutely. in others, we want the private sector to work. ainsley: admiral the department of defense is calling on retired medics and retired doctors to step up to the plate and come back to work. are we seeing that happening? >> so, clearly, we are in unprecedented circumstance, particularly where there is wide community spread like in new
4:43 am
york city. there are estimates that potentially we may have to double the hospital capacity. and it's, you know, people talk about beds all the time and pieces of equipment. but what makes healthcare work are the people. it's a person caring for another person or in this circumstance many people. so we are going to have healthcare workforce challenges just the shear numbers. people get tired. after a month or two of such intense work. and some healthcare workers set sick. yes, we do think it's important. in the commission corps we have deployed 1200 officer and expect to deploy hundreds more in support. yes, people do need to support the workforce. if you can do anything, we do need you, listen to your local communities and you know, lend a hand. it may the coronavirus blues that you can write that song and really help us out. or can you help in a hospital, volunteer, communications.
4:44 am
we are all in this together and we will get over this together. you know what, admiral, to your point we are all in this together. self-isolating. four different locations scattered across the country right now. it seems to be working because yesterday the governor of new york andrew cuomo said the indications social distancing is working. it is slowing down the rate of hospitalizations. slowing it every day this week. so, we have not, -- you know, we have not reached the apex as he calls it. but it is working. and that's very encouraging for the people who are trying so hard to only go to the grocery store when they absolutely have to and keeping their distance from everybody else. >> thank you for saying that. so many people focus on what we don't have or what we don't know. what we do know is what the president has told us. and the vice president. 15 days to slow the spread. 14 days to flatten the curve.
4:45 am
no matter how you talk about it, we know how to stop the virus doing the appropriate social distancing, to stay at home. to avoid being with people at very high risk. and, yes, there are beginning to be indicators that we are getting ahead of this the light at the end of the tunnel. remember, anyone who is going in a hospital today probably caught the virus 10 days or 14 days ago and became progressively ill. it will take a little while for us to seat true effects of what the president and the vice president asked the whole nation to do. brian: admiral, we are out of time and you have to go to another interview. i want to follow up to your answer to me there is a special circumstance in new york. they do need masks right away and need it in accelerated way faster than you are doing it, are you getting that message because there is a blinking red light here and growing frustration that the response is not quick enough. >> i think you probably heard
4:46 am
governor cuomo yesterday that we have poured materials into new york. everything they have asked for to this point we have been able to provide them. you will hear very exciting news about tens of millions of new masks coming into the system. we think we have provided everything new york has needed. they talked about 30,000 ventilators. we have sent 4400. we urged them to use their resources make sure all the anesthesia machines can be used. that's a primary source we know they have not fully tapped into yet. we will continue to supply new york with every single thing they need. the stockpile is moving. masks are moving. ventilators are moving. and i think you heard. i think we heard both the same that governor cuomo complimented the administration and the federal government on supplying him everything he needs. so, if they ask, we will supply it. ainsley: admiral, thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome, yes. thanks to you.
4:47 am
ainsley: hand it over to carley shimkus she has more headlines for us. carley: we will start with a fox news alert. more than 200 soldiers deployed to new york today to help fight the coronavirus. brand new images show troops in fort campbell kentucky loading up gear for medical mission. they will supply battling the outbreak. working tirelessly with fema, the cdc and department of defense to support and protect the american people, an entire nursing home in new jersey is evacuated for a coronavirus outbreak. 94 residents at st. joseph's senior in ridgewood were located to a different facility. 24 tested positive for covid-19. the other 70 were presumptive positive. the nursing home dangerously under staffed after 12 staff members were sent home sick. check this out. these students don't need a classroom to show they are proud
4:48 am
americans. watch. >> of the united states of america. carley: kids and parents standing at the end of their driveways to say the pledge of allegiance. the new jersey neighbors all staying 6 feet apart to keep those social distancing rules going. they plan on doing it every day that schools are closed. keeping that patriotic routine going. love to see that. ainsley: that's a selling point. i want to live on that street. steve: that's our street. carley: amen, yeah. steve: thank you very much, carley. thank you very much. it's 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, coronavirus cases surging in a number of u.s. cities but could a turning point come sooner than we think? a nobel prize win his or her predicted the turn around in china is telling americans relief is on the way. dr. marc siegel will analyze that prediction coming up next. of a different kind.
4:49 am
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♪ steve: as americans prepare for what could be several more weeks of restrictions here in the u.s.a., as coronavirus cases continue to increase, but a
4:53 am
nobel prize winning scientist. that man right there, claims the virus may have reached its turning point sooner than we think after analyzing data from 78 affected countries biophysicist michael left tells the "l.a. times" what we need is to control the panic. numbers are still noisy but there are clear signs of slowed growth. joining us right now for analysis, fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. well, dr. siegel, what do you make. >> good morning, steve. steve: of him saying that, you know, it looks as if we may peak sooner than some of the dyer estimates that we have heard in the last week or two? >> steve, actually, you know, there is too much mathematical modeling going on. worse case scenario. spreading dread and fear and panic. michael left the nobel prize winner is definitely right about that point. all of these projections from john hopkins and elsewhere are
4:54 am
based on numbers they don't really know. is he looking at china and saying wait a minute, there was a slowdown here. there was a control that went on here. whether it's because the virus didn't sustain its spread or because public health measures worked. both are optimistic ideas. and we might, in fact, see the same thing here. i think it's a way for people to remember that as we prepare, as we become vigilant. as we, do social distancing it may actually work. as the months get warmer that we see less of this virus. that would be very happy news. i wouldn't assume that's true. but it certainly should be something we're thinking about. steve: that's right. also, there is a new study that was prepared by oxford university along with northeastern. and what it suggests is that the travel restrictions and the lockdowns actually, probably, it looks like stifled the coronavirus outbreak in china from the wuhan area by 92%. >> steve, i was one of those
4:55 am
people that was dubious about this. because throughout history, quarantining entire regions has spread panic and sometimes virus with it. i must say i'm very impressed how this has worked in this case. this is a highly contagious virus. much more contagious than what we thought. i think those travel restrictions, especially in china, off the whole region and president trump's travel restrictions that he started very early in the process here with china, i think that that has helped to decrease the spread of the virus and i think it will help here if we do social distancing, identification of cases and isolating people that are sick. absolutely. steve: real quick, andrew kwo*ebcuomosaid yesterday sociag is working slowing down the rate of hospitalizations. that is really how we are going to turn the corner, isn't it? >> >> yes. we need to remember that most cases are mild and we have to watch out for people most at
4:56 am
risk. if you put people that are sick and context and separate them and isolate them and pay attention to social distancing. we will see a big impact. we are worried about the people who are sickest the way we can decrease that number is decreasing the overall number. steve: well, let's see what happens. dr. marc siegel we thank you very much for joining us live. all right. coming up on 8:00 here in the east coast. still ahead, dr. nicole saphier is going to join us. also, senator tim scott, big vote yesterday for him. and lieutenant colonel dan rooney join us live next hour. ♪ (vo) when it comes to longevity, ...
4:57 am
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brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station. >> not a single senator voted against this $2 trillion rescue bill. senate has pivoted from one of the most contentious partisan periods in the nation's history, with this rescue package 100-0. ainsley: starting with a fox news alert the senate unanimous ly passing a historic $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill putting struggling americans one step closer to some emergency relief. steve: this comes, ainsley as the united states sees its most deadly day since the coronavirus outbreak began more than 200 people dying in 24 hours bringing the total number of fatalities to more than 1,000
5:01 am
the hotspot of the virus, new york has over 33,000 confirmed cases, with nearly 300 deaths in new york city alone. make shift morgues as you can see right there are being setup outside of hospitals. brian: meanwhile one medical medical center reporting 13 deaths in a 24 hour period in queens today more than 200 soldiers will deploy in new york to help hospitals fight the coronavirus. you can see the troops over there in fort campbell, kentucky loading up their gear for medical missions. yes the national guard has been nationalized and asked to spring into action to help out new york now, new york is with the admiral is referring to is starting to convert some of their other equipment, their anesthesia machines, into ventilators they have about 8,000 they need about another 12,000 ventilators and as the governor said yesterday, once we're done with them, i'm more than happy to give it to other states, but there seems to be more of a surge in new york.
5:02 am
50 plus percent of all cases in america are right here in new york city, and perhaps, we're going to see the results of our discipline and the lack and the social distancing in a couple of weeks because that's how long it takes to get it and show signs that you have it, so maybe the best is yet to come ainsley. ainsley: we're all trying to do our part you're right brian. president trump tweeted out 96-0 in the u.s. senate talking about the relief bill, congratulations america. it was unanimous and we've been watching them fight over this for about a week so it is amazing they came to an agreement. nancy pelosi put all that in it, kennedy center money, carbon emissions et cetera and the gop national spokesperson said zero mentions of diversity, of emissions, of early voting, zero mentions of climate change, good i mean, even aoc's former chief of staff and the author of the green new deal called all of
5:03 am
that ridiculous, what nancy pelosi was trying to put in there. she did get the money however for the kennedy center. not the 35 million but she got 25 million. steve: and it is great news for the people looking in and they are wondering when is washington going to help us out. it sounds like checks could be written within three weeks. the big headline this hour is going to come in 27 minutes and that's when the labor department releases the new jobless claims. it is estimated it could be a new record at 1.64 million, that's the number estimates of experts right now, there have been wildest it mats it could be between 2 and 4 million you will find out in 27 minutes, but nonetheless the good news is that the senate has passed this massive rescue bill. griff jenkins is going to break it all down and joins us now from our nations capitol. griff? griff: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian it is this 880
5:04 am
page lifeline the biggest in history that may save us from recession and those jobless numbers you said that are coming let me show you what's inside of this legislation. the senate finally getting their , going to have direct cash payments, 1,200 per adult, 2,400 per couple, plus 500 per child, and they will have reductions for income of over 75,000, and then add 99,000, you will be cut off no payments there. it also has 500 billion for hard hit industries with oversight, 50 billion of that going to the air lines and as 377 billion for small business aid, 100 billion for hospitals, and 200 billion for domestic priorities. now, passage had been held up for several hours by a handful of republicans disputing excessive jobless benefits they said working, but that fight in the form of an amendment failed so the bill now heads to the house, where things, like that 25 million, ainsley for the
5:05 am
kennedy center may be an issue for some house members, speaker pelosi though applauding the senate's bill thanking the democrat being leadership for putting workers first and the house will take it up friday where it's expected to pass but it will have certainly rigourous debate and it looks like they are going to voice vote rather than roll call due to the health concerns, and speaker pelosi will tell us perhaps at some point later today, either way, the president says he is ready to sign this , the president, by the way, at this very moment, is on an emergency video conference call with g 20 leaders they are all looking to the leader of the world's largest economy, as they try and coordinate a global effort to combat the pandemic and avoid not only a u.s. recession, but a global one. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: yeah, thanks, griff and what he's trying to do is say listen we've got a $2 trillion bill, a bigger economy, germany put an $800 billion stimulus bill out there that's what the world markets are responding to, the dow jumped 13% over the
5:06 am
last two days liking this but looks like the futures are down just to start off with. meanwhile the question is as senator blumenthal brought up and nancy pelosi said in a message to the democrats, don't worry about what's not in this bill. we're going to come back again for a fourth and fifth. i brought that up to leader kevin mccarthy 45 minutes ago and here is what he said about another bill and another bill. >> i'd take a deep breath. we've just now passed this , it'll be the third bill. let's let this work. let's let this work inside america, because i know the ingenuity and the intensity and inspiration we have can overcome this , we have now given the resources to make and solve this problem. we don't need to be crafting another bill right now. let's let these $2 trillion go to work for us plus the 8 billion ahead of time and the billions of dollars we just passed in the second bill. ainsley: okay yesterday was actually the most deadly day we have seen so far with the coronavirus. let's bring in dr. nicole saphier, fox news medical
5:07 am
contributor and author of the book, make america healthy again, good morning. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: we're seeing numbers drop here in new york, for at least hospitalizations. sunday, the new york state projected hospitalizations doubling every two days. tuesday they projected doubling every 4.7 days the smaller volumes in our hospital, but around our entire country, the numbers are going up. what are your predictions? >> that's right, ainsley so yesterday there was a mix of headlines that it's kind of hard to go through a little bit but i want to break it down. some very encouraging numbers came out last night and that is what you just said. so if you think of sunday the day that there was the stay- home order there was a doubling rate meaning there was double the amount of new cases every two days, and that's the number that we had been see ing but the good news is by monday, it was taking 3.4 days for doubling of cases and then on tuesday night, they said it was actually 4.7 days for doubling of cases, and that is good news.
5:08 am
that means that we are slowing, even though we're doing more tests than ever before in new york, the time that it takes to double the cases is actually elongating, although we're still on the acceleration phase of this pandemic, we may be hitting an equilibrium sooner than we thought and these numbers are encouraging the stay at home measures are actually working. on the flip side you saw the elm hurst hospital had 13 deaths in a 24 hour period that is devastating and still goes along the lines with what we're expecting for the fatality rate; however the bottom line is we have a lot of people in the icu right now, a lot of people still in the hospital and we are still going to see those death rates climb which is why these stay at home measures right now are so important because these hospital s are full and they're trying to keep people alive and they need to decrease the new cases coming in. luckily those numbers show us that it is slowing down the number of new cases, but they are still climbing so we have to do what we can to keep them from that. now the important thing to
5:09 am
remember is the rest of the country, there are a few days behind new york. yes new york is densely plated which is why you saw this take off like a wildfire but it doesn't mean it can't happen elsewhere so the rest of the country needs to heed warning and look at what's p ha ing in new york city. they need to slow the amount of cases now before they get in trouble. steve: dr. saphier, you anti are both broadcasting from the state of new jersey and the news in the last 24 hours is not far from south of both of us in woodridge, new jersey, the st. joseph senior nursing home has been emptied because apparently two dozen of the 94 elderly patients tested positive ly. it is presumed all the residents have been exposed to coronavirus they are being moved to another facility, some are being hospitalized, 12 employees apparently have respiratory symptoms and the nuns who operate this particular facility
5:10 am
have been working around the clock. this is just one of those things that people at elder care situations all across the country have been so had their eyes peeled to make sure that at the first spot of any trouble, they get help. >> well that's right, steve, and what we're seeing in the nursing homes here could absolutely be what happened in washington. we saw that there was a very high death rate of the residents in one of the nursing homes in washington and that is because this virus is very contagious, and you have the highest likelihood of severe symptoms and death in the elderly especially those with preexisting conditions, so nursing homes need to take this very seriously. there is a reason that we said we need to stop having visitors at nursing homes because it is the younger people, the children , and the young adults that are actually bringing the infection into the nursing home and not only are the residents at risk but also the people who are taking care of those residents are at risk, so they moved all of the
5:11 am
residents but the important thing is they need to isolate them at this point because they should just presume they are all positive and they need to watch them very closely. new jersey is, we're also very closely related to new york city we have a lot of commuters out here. my husband came home from the hospital yesterday and i could see in his face he was concerned in the sense that the hospitals here, our local hospitals are filling up and they are going to have to start diverting cases because they aren't able to care for them and we don't want to divert cases meaning we can't take care of people because that in a sense is rationing care. it's the best thing we can do is slow the spread and the way to do that is to continue the social distancing for now. brian: yeah, hopefully washington is listening to you, talk about what's happening in new york because i'm not sure they are getting the message. they go from 17, 856 cases to 20,000 overnight, and 280 plus deaths and i just think that it needs to be full attention, because this is the epicenter of the country; however, governor
5:12 am
cuomo did cite additional rules yesterday about social distancing. he said if i catch you, and cops catch you playing things like basketball, contact sports, are you going to be in trouble? now he says there are some signs that it's working. watch. >> the evidence suggests that the density controlled measures may be working. this past sunday, the projection was that hospitalizations were doubling every two days. on tuesday, the projections suggested that the hospitalizations were doubling every 4.7 days. social distancing, no restaurants, no non-essential workers yes they are burden some they are effective, and they are necessary, and the evidence suggests at this point that they have slowed the hospitalizations >> so continue the social distance for yourself and for
5:13 am
others, now dr. saphire, dr. fauci is warning us coronavirus is going to come back. listen to what he had to say about cycles. >> what we're starting to see now in the southern hemisphere and southern africa and in the southern hemisphere countries is that we're having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season and if in fact they have a substantial outbreak, it's will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we'll get a cycle around the second time. totally emphasizes the need to do what we're doing in developing a vaccine, testing it quickly, and trying to get it ready so that we'll have a vaccine available for that next cycle. ainsley: dr. sapphire i know these trials are, go ahead. >> so let me tell you guys i think it was early february sitting on the curvy couch with you that i said, you know, next year, right now we see cold and
5:14 am
flu season, well i think next year it's going to be cold, flu, and covid season. i completely agree with dr. fauci, i think this novel coronavirus is here to stay. we're going to see peaks of it. right now the reason is it's not going to be like this every year the reason we're dealing with this right now is because of the massive influx of cases over running the healthcare system, but we again, we've had record time vaccines and clinical trials as well as treatments. that by the next time this cycle comes around we're going to be even farther in that and know how to handle this and potentially have a vaccine by the next cycle, and we're going to have treatments that have proven to be safe and effective, so i don't want people to be worried about that but i also want them to be realistic to know that this is here to stay, just think of the swine flu and even the spanish flu. these strains of influenza are still circulating today. they are just incorporated in our flu vaccines so we just have to know that this novel coronavirus, it's not such that it's such a virulent virus that we're so afraid of it like something along the lines of an
5:15 am
ebola. it's just that it is so contagious and infectious that a lot of people are being infected with it that's overwhelming our health care system but we're going to be ready for these cycles i am absolutely confident in that. steve: and dr. sapphire final question and this is going to, if people are looking for something to do, they are going to get out the lysol or mr. clean after they hear this that apparently some doctors feel that the virus can last on the soles of your shoes for up to five days so if you go walking through some place where you walk through some of the virus, you could actually bring it home. that's what it sounds like. what should we do if that is your analysis? >> that's a great question and so we have these testing that shows the virus like how long did it live on objects? well we knew that it lived on plastics up to three days and infectious disease doctors thought the non-porous sole of
5:16 am
the shoes it could be living for five days so here is my take on shoes anyway. shoes are dirty we walk around everywhere. right now, especially take warning that maybe when you come in if you've gone to the supermarket, if you had to go to the pharmacy or been to work, keep your shoes outside. you don't need to bring that inside whether it's the coronavirus or just something else, shoes can stay outside for now. okay? and maybe even flip them upside down so they get the uv rays from the sun which already has a natural anti septic in it. brian: all right, as a homeowner you have to be prepared to supply slippers once that person enters your home. that'll be the give and take of adapting to this new era of the pandemic. dr. sapphire, thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. brian: coming up straight ahead the senate passing a massive $2.2 trillion stimulus package. it's aimed at helping the americans most impacted by the coronavirus, how about everybody? how south carolina senator tim scott warns it might do the opposite, in fact, he almost
5:17 am
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steve: well the u.s. senate last night passed a massive $2.2 trillion stimulus rescue bill; however our next guest says it is not without its faults joining us right now is republican senator tim scott of south carolina. one of four republican senators who saved this bill could actually encourage layoffs senator good morning to you thanks for joining us. >> good morning steve good to be with you, thank you. steve: we heard news that yesterday that there were four republican senators who didn't like the idea, because
5:22 am
essentially, the provisions of this rescue bill would pay people more money on unemployment than they were actually making in their jobs, and that could incentivize unemployment, so you were against it, but ultimately voted for it. what happened? >> well bottom line is that the good in the bill out weighs the bad and especially this provision that i thought was bad. think about this if you graduate from the university of south carolina or if you're a beat reporter graduating from the university of kansas you make $30,000 a year working. under this legislation, we would pay you $50,000 a year to not work, so if you're on unemployment for the 16 weeks you're on unemployment we would give you a 50% raise under that scenario. we want to make sure that you are whole in unemployment not that you get a raise because of the coronavirus, and so that be unfair to all americans who are working, we leave, in this country and the dignity in work, so i thought that was a
5:23 am
part of the bill that needed to be changed. we had an amendment, it failed. overall there's more good in the bill, than bad but there are parts and aspects of this bill that we should be questioning. steve: and one of the reasons why you went ahead and voted according to the washington post senator is because steven mnuchin talked to all of you and said look unless we invent a whole new system that could take a very long time the fastest way to do it is to do it this way and that's why you went along with that. i wanted to ask you about some of the provisions regarding small businesses. for the people looking from south carolina and kansas and all across the country this is good news for them, right? >> it's really good news it's $377 billion to help employers keep their employees on the payroll if it makes sense to the employer. the relationship is important. one of the things we do is we fund about 250% of monthly payroll, if you use their loans
5:24 am
for payroll, that part of the loan is forgiven. this is a great way for us to keep people at work and frankly, since the government demanded basically that you close your shops, your restaurants, your hotels, your tourism-related businesses, it's impacting and reverberating throughout the entire economy. it's one of the reasons why we face an economic tsunami so this small business piece provides incentive for employers to keep their employees attached and that's good news. steve: that is good news, and so for the people who are watching right now who have been worried about washington, senator, your message to them is what? >> there's a lot of reasons to be optimistic about where we are going, we are facing a threat that we have not seen before, the good news is our president is leading from the front, he is optimistic, he is leaning into it, his containment steve: was effective at the beginning, our mitigation strategies are producing better-than-expected,
5:25 am
and it is our responsibility to continue to social distance. i think we are having a strong impact on the spread of this virus and if we continue to do those things that we know that we need to do, our economy will be better and we'll have more people living healthier lives and our recovery will be quite fast. steve: that all sounds good fingers crossed. senator thank you very much. >> yes, sir, good to be with you. steve: good to have you as well. 8:25 now here in the east coast still ahead, message from lt. colonel dan rooney on how every american can cope with crisis in times of uncertainty thanks to the lessons he learned from a friend and vet once held hostage that's next. you can't claim that as a dependent! because it's inanimate! people ask me what sort of person
5:26 am
should become a celebrity accountant. and, i tell them, "nobody should." hey, buddy. what's the damage? i bought it! the waterfall? nope! a new volkswagen. a volkswagen?! i think we're having a breakthrough here! welcome to caesar's palace. thank you.
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millions of people in the usa of all ages are you overweight with a slow metabolism? suffer from a condition called insulin resistance.
5:29 am
insulin resistance makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight. dieting the wrong way just makes the problem worse but now there's a simple solution discovered by golo. get off the diet merry-go-round at and get amazing results fast. there's a life-changing video at that shows the secret to losing weight. that's brian: look at the calendar today was supposed to be opening day but baseball stadiums will be empty as we deal with this coronavirus and its happening in all sports everywhere, jeff flock from fox business is live outside wrigley field with how the betting industry is coping with this sports hiatus hey, jeff.
5:30 am
reporter: brian good morning to you. boy what a difference this year, i've been to a lot of wrigley field opening days and they are mostly cloudy usually, spring in chicago but there's no cloud like the one over the stadium today, and stadiums all around the country. this was supposed to be a huge year for sports betting. 18 states now have passed legalized sports betting in some fashion, on all sorts of major league sports, washington state just yesterday was the 18th state to pass legalized sports betting, but now, there's not a whole lot to bet on. not that there's nothing to bet on, if you are really somebody who has a gambling addiction, yeah, you can still do it, on draft kings right now if you want to bet on a sport still going how about the bellaruse premier league in soger, yes, is still playing. nfl draft you can bet on whose going to be the first pick in the nfl draft, you can bet on where cam newton, the quarterback is going to be
5:31 am
signed, you can also bet on whose going to win the world series, but no baseball betting other than that, so the commissioner of major league baseball is saying baseball will be back. we don't know when. >> baseball will be back whenever it's safe to play we will be back and we will be part of the recovery, the healing in this country. reporter: and brian, you know how important it was say after 9/11, so that first yankees game back after the end of the disaster. hopefully we get to that some day soon but i don't see any light, inside wrigley field or out. brian: thanks, jeff always doing a great job bringing perspective keep in mind they are saying if you get started by the middle of april you could still have 162 game season a lot of double headers meanwhile here is ainsley with a very special guest. ainsley: thank you brian. folds of honor founder lt.
5:32 am
colonel dan rooney is sharing his message of hope and how perspective can help get everyone through these tough times. >> one universal truth is americans throughout history, is we have struggled but we have always come out the other side stronger. together, we will rise, we may be grounded right now, but america, i promise, we will ride again. ainsley: he joins us now with more from the great state of oklahoma. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley and i'm blessed to be with you. ainsley: we are blessed to hear your message and have you serving our great country so colonel, i watched the entire video it's awesome. you tell this great story of your friend rocky. share that with the audience. >> so i think when we hit these moments perspective is so important ainsley for everybody and just like baseball, america will be back and suffering is relative and i called a dear friend of mine and fellow
5:33 am
colleague at folds of honor, and on november 4, 1979 his life changed as he was taken hostage as a marine in iran and i think we're all, you know, it's different obviously but the coronavirus has us all hostage. our normal lives have ceased to exist and he spent 444 days as a captive in iran. the first 30 he was chained to a chair, and i said rocky how did you make it through over a year of the isolation, the anxiety, just the unknowns that were all processing emotionally and dealing with, and he said there were three key things that i think can help us all. the first one was his faith. he said he had a much deeper relationship with god and took time to pray and really connect spiritually. the next one was a co-dependency on his friends and he spent the majority of his time in
5:34 am
isolation only went out seven times, outside seven times in 444 days, with two other guys, and leaned on them for support and then the final thing was his mind and our mind is such a powerful thing because it can take us from places and he would reflect back on his family and his positive memories in his life, and he just learned of this awesome power in his mind, and i just think it's so relevant, again. i mean we're a hostage of the coronavirus. so many of us are isolating but it is a time to rededicate ourselves, ainsley, to what matters most. if you look at the positive side of this and that's spending authentic time with our family. my wife and my kids, deepening my faith, opening the bible, america, praying together, i mean the unlimited power of god to help the coronavirus and then finally, i look at our freedoms, and freedoms are different, right? we're still flying in the u.s.
5:35 am
air force, so we're still on that frontline, but freedom right now in this country is doing what you're supposed to do and if that's quarantined, stay inside but thank god for the frontline of the coronavirus which are our medical workers, the people working at the grocery stores, the checkers going into work, the truck drivers delivering goods, folks running stores and we're seeing a beautiful unity in this country that if you want to look at a silver lining that certainly didn't exist 30 or 45 days ago we're coming together so i think we got to look at the blessings in all of this. ainsley: yeah you're absolutely right i had a pastor one-time say every time you see the word riotous it means do the right thing, so absolutely, we need to heed the warnings and social distance and stay at home if your governor is telling you to do that. dan i love your message it's wonderful if people want to watch it where can they see it? >> they can go to our website,, or visit fox nation, they will drop the whole
5:36 am
message later today so we're going to keep fighting and i would say as a fighter pilot, ainsley, if an airplane takes off into the wind for a reason, that we have to have resistance and challenge in our lives to a send and i don't think this moment is any different and we're going to get through this and come out the other side stronger, i just want to say god bless everybody and keep praying together as a country. ainsley: absolutely and we have to remember those who have lost their lives because of this and god bless those families. it's hard to talk about this and talk about perspective when we know so many people have also lost their lives and are hurting but they are in our prayers. thank you so much, colonel for fighting for our country and for getting us through this. >> amen, thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. okay we have a fox news alert. the weekly jobless claims are now out. more than 3.28 million people filing for unemployment. the record shattering numbers coming out next. plus the largest hospital in the world preparing to dock in la to bring much needed relief to doctors on the west coast.
5:37 am
hear from the navy captain in charge, that's next. when we face adversity, we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home.
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steve: back with a fox news alert we knew it was going to be a big number and it is indeed. the number of weekly jobless claims have sore to a record breaking 3.28 million, 1.5 million was expected, as the economy reels over the covid-19 crisis ainsley. ainsley: steve that is four times higher than the previous record set in 1982. brian: and to put it all in perspective, 281,000 people filed for unemployment two weeks ago, so that was when the economy was in a much different state. the all-time peak for the number of jobless claims was in the great recession a few years ago, of 66 5,000, and the
5:42 am
all-time peak was 695. they did say they did a random study on wall street and they said what do you guys expect, jobless claims and they expected just over 1 million. so this really hits that, it shows you what type of hole we're in right now. ainsley: brian people are really hurting and most of that pelosi pork did not make it in. the kennedy center money some of it made it in the 25 million, and you interviewed senator scott, brian, earlier in the show from the great state of south carolina and he said he almost didn't vote for this because he was upset some people are actually going to come out better in the long run than making more money off of this than they would have previously but he said look, the good outweighs the bad i decided to vote for this because i want to help people i want to give people relief and the small businesses need money as well. steve: well all you have to do is if you are out and about self -isolating in your car, just drive down your main street all across the country because so
5:43 am
many businesses whether it's small businesses, restaurants, things like that, are actually closed, and we heard anecdotal information over the last week, ainsley and brian, that a number of the state unemployment websites where you file for the unemployment actually crashed because there were so many people who were interested in trying to file for unemployment at the state level, that's one of the reasons why right now the dow jones industrial average futures are as you can see are down in the corner of your screen. now for the people who did file, keep in mind, that is at the state level, and the good news for them, if there is a silver lining, is that they are actually going to under the senate bill which passed last night they are going to wind up getting four more months of unemployment at $600 a week on top of the state unemployment , brian, so you know , it's a terrible situation given that so many businesses are closed but at the same time, they are getting unemployment
5:44 am
insurance from the state and now through the senate bill, they are going to wind up with more money as well. brian: unlike the recession, the great recession we didn't know where it was going to end and who would stabilize the banking system. we have a bunch of people ready to go and empty desks waiting for people. we have jobs that are ready to be filled again, and we actually know when the crisis will end we're just get a hold of this virus but this quote was noteworthy from jerome powell. he said this is a unique situation, people need to understand this is not a typical downturn at a certain point we will get the spread of the virus under control. at that time confidence will return, businesses will open again, people will get back to work, so you may well be for a significant rise in unemployment , but that will end. so keep in mind, that's the fed chair saying i've done a lot, the u.s. government has done a lot, and the people that are paying the price did nothing to deserve this but we're all
5:45 am
working to fix this. soon that number could rocket down and we'll all be on the same page ainsley. ainsley: do you know what's interesting too we're talking about this and every day we're talking about different topics because we're moving in hopefully the direction of getting to where china is now or south korea is now just getting some improvement, but i was thinking, we all, i live in the city, you can't go back, you can but i don't want to, because i don't want to be around the area that's infected the most but i'm thinking like all of the bills that are stack ing up at my apartment we've got to think about that kind of thing. if you bought clothing before all of this happened, if you want to return it are stores going to wave that 30 day period where you can get your money back if you need to return something, people are staying home. women, you all don't think about this guys but this is not a priority, but women have to get their hair done, i saw someone tweet out you're going to see what color our real hair is because our roots are going to grow in. all my friends are saying this is not a priority, people are dying and i realize that, but they can't get their nails
5:46 am
done. you know, businesses are closed everywhere. we're in priority mode right now it's pharmacies and it is grocery stores those are really the only places people are going now, steve? steve: well, you know, ainsley, this is the new normal right now and the president of the united states made it very clear, we are on day 11 of 15 days to slow the spread, and we heard from andrew cuomo that the number of hospitalizations is going down a little bit each day, and those are all-important but at the same time, we knew that the unemployment number was going to go up, and that's one of the reasons why we heard from the president a couple of days ago during the fox news town hall where he wants to get essentially reopen as much of the country as he can starting on easter. last night during his press briefing he said i'm not going to do anything rash or hasty but the country wants to get back to work, and when you look at this new jobless number,
5:47 am
3.28 million, filed for first time unemployment insurance claim, you know that there are a lot of people who would love to go to work but the businesses have to be ready to open and at the same time, they've got to have a plan, because the last thing you want is to reopen a business and then to have this virus come back and rear its ugly head and make a bunch of people sick. it's obviously why the president yesterday was talking about how can't do it coast to coast but there are parts of the country that he's optimistic will be able to open shortly, brian. brian: yeah, and that's just it , everyone should use this time to understand that money could be coming your way, $75,000 unless $1,500, a couple double that. ainsley: 1,200. brian: yeah, $1,200 and then it's 2,400 and then $500 per kid to get you through just use this time the best you can and keep in mind also, for 90 minutes ago we interviewed two
5:48 am
people, rachel cruz, put a whole bunch of jobs up there, companies that are hiring from amazon to kroger to cvs, they're hiring tens of thousands of people because the certain portions of the economy that are in high gear, but we'll talk a lot more about the economy as we get it gradually back on track, most important thing is for these small business owners, the best you can hold on to your employers, so when you get the keys back to your company, to your business, we're ready to go from the get go. so that'll be we have to be ready to start. have the automatic starter ready to go ainsley. ainsley: you're right, brian thank you so much it's 48 minutes after the top of the hour. the largest hospital ship in the world preparing to being do in los angeles to bring much needed relief to doctors on the west coast you'll hear from a navy captain in charge of that ship, the mercy ship coming up next but first let's check in with ed henry to find out what's coming up. ed: good morning, ainsley great to see you fears that louisiana could be one of the next big hotspots we're talking to a top official at a medical center,
5:49 am
plus dr. oz breaking it down as well the national picture, markets reacting to those jobless claims you just mentioned historic jobless claims, maria bartiromo joins us at the opening bell, and help is on the way, $2 trillion from congress, congressman mike mccaul break it down for your family, join sandra and me 9:00- noon, thanks. you doing okay?
5:50 am
5:51 am
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brian: u.s. navy hospital ship mercy is set to arrive in los angeles tomorrow bringing much needed covid-19 relief to local hospitals. joining us right now to discuss their relief mission as they get closer and closer to shore mission commander officer aboard , the uss mercy captain john rotruck. captain, thanks for joining us. describe your mission, once you arrive in southern california. >> once we get there we're going to work with fema's lead agency and the state of california local health authorities to take non-covid-19 patients to access relief for local hospitals so that they can focus their energy and resources on taking care of coronavirus patients. brian: so you're going to have the non-coronavirus patients how many medical professionals do you have on board and what have they told you about the message,
5:54 am
which the mission which you're about to get involved in? >> we have just under 1,000 military staff together with 76 civilian mariners, about two-thirds of my staff is medical and about a third medical and they are telling us to expect a wide range of medical and surgical patients being transferred to local hospitals. brian: so with people on board, you're used to handling all types of circumstances, in terms of surgeons, nurses and equipment do you feel as though you have what it takes for this mission? >> we are very well equipped to deliver a broad range of medical services for the patients who come to us. brian: when you go to california, like a state of 40 million people, that has been locked down now for a week, how does that play into what you'll be dealing with? you're usually not dealing in the u.s. , am i right?
5:55 am
>> that is true. the last support of similar authorities for the hospital ship was puerto rico. brian: wow. how does it change it for you knowing this is your country? >> i think that makes it very personal and special for all of the sailors on board the u.s. mercy and we're very excited about this mission and excited to get there and get started. brian: you got 1,000 beds and you have a governor whose very grateful and your sister ship is going to be heading over to new york. captain, thanks so much. >> thank you. we're excited to get there. brian: yeah, best of luck, man you certainly need it and appreciated. more fox & friends in just a moment to wrap up three hours. spring is for exploring.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> fox corporation and i heart media are teaming up for relief. the living concert for america will be hosted by elton john paying tribute to the healthcare workers on the front lines. >> singers like mariah carey will livestream performances from their houses. ♪
6:00 am
>> i hope she sings that song. among the other performers alisha keys, tim mcgraw and others. >> sandra: fox news alert now the senate passing the largest relief bill in u.s. history, the $2 trillion measure going for a vote that is expected tomorrow. all of this comes as those weekly jobless numbers are out this morning and they shattered records. more than 3 million americans filing unemployment claims last week alone. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: ed henry, good morning. the senate passing the stimulus bill in unanimous vote just before midnight following days of heated negotiations, 880 pages of details will result in checks going out to most americans. $1200 for individuals, $2400


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